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Decking solutions and tradie tech: Don’t miss out on Tradie Aug/Sep!

Gear up for The Tradie: Talkin’ Tools ‘n’ Toys decking solutions and tradie tech feature edition.

Tradies, prepare to be dialled – and screwed – into The Tradie’s decking solutions and tradie tech edition.

For tradies wanting the best materials for their decking projects, look no further!


This edition aims to deliver them with the best timber, fasteners and screws available.

There’s new innovations everyday with things such as screw-tip design, long-lasting varnishes and sustainable decking materials, and tradespeople stand at the forefront of these exciting times.

Image: Suriyo/stock.adobe.com

But it’s not just about the tangible tools of the trade, mind you.

This edition will showcase the most modern tech tradies need to keep their operations sharp and simple.

From streamlining invoicing and payroll, all the way to having your own digital business assistant, there’s loads of ways tradies can benefit from technology!

This is your exclusive chance to be front and centre for Aussie tradies to show off your latest decking solutions and tradie tech.

So, what does The Tradie offer?

A Multi-Platform Media Package includes:

  • Full-page advertisement (ad material to be supplied by 10th July 2024)
  • Custom Editorial Feature to be written for you by the Editor of The Tradie magazine
  • Editorial Feature to be published on The Tradie Website as a native editorial article with backlink to your website.
  • Editorial Feature amplified across; e-Newsletter, Instagram and Facebook

Limited placements apply, please contact:

Expressions of interest close on 27th June 2024.

Elisha Sinclair

Business Development Manager

P: 0423 677 566

E: Elisha.sinclair@primecreative.com.au

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