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The ultimate blade for tradies working on decks

As the demand for decking materials surges, so does the need for precision tools to handle them effectively.

Diablo’s Composite Decking Saw Blades emerge as a game-changer, providing unparalleled efficiency and quality in every cut. Whether you’re a seasoned tradie or a young apprentice, this blade is poised to revolutionise your decking projects.

Hardcore cutting

Crafted with precision and innovation, these blades boast excellence from design to performance. Engineered with a Modified Triple Chip Grind tooth design and featuring specially formulated TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide, these blades are tailored to maximise cutting life in composite decking materials and plastics. This means less stopping and starting with blade changes and more time getting down to business.


The important Modified Triple Chip Grind (MTCG) feature, ensures that materials remain cool during cutting, resulting in melt-free cuts.

This innovation not only enhances the quality of the finish but also prolongs the life of the blade. Say goodbye to unwanted marks and hello to pristine, professional-grade cuts every time.

Complementing its cutting-edge design is the Perma-SHIELD Non-stick coating, which significantly reduces drag and shields the blade against heat, gumming, and corrosion. This ensures smooth operation and maximises the lifetime of the blade, even in demanding conditions.

Furthermore, laser-cut stabiliser vents maintain blade integrity, keeping it straight and true throughout the cutting process. This feature not only guarantees superior quality cuts but also eliminates the risk of deviation or inaccuracies. Precision is a non-negotiable with Diablo’s Composite Decking Blades.

The thin kerf design of these blades deserves special mention, as it requires less cutting power. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces fatigue, allowing you to tackle your decking project with ease and confidence.

Clean slice

Diablo’s Composite Decking Saw Blades are tailor-made for fast, clean cuts in composite deckings and cellular PVC. Its unparalleled performance and quality make it a ‘must-have’ tool for tradies. With Diablo by their side, decking projects have never been more simple and satisfying.

These blades set a new standard in the world of decking tools. Its innovative features, superior performance, and unmatched quality make it the go-to choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

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