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Tradie Tough Test: Diablo’s Thick Metal AMPED Recip Blades

Tradies are always after clean cuts through metal time after time, so look no further thanks to  Diablo’s Amped Carbide Thick Metal blades. These devilish accessories are designed to deliver quality cuts and endure plenty of use.

The right blade makes all the difference for tradies, especially when it comes to cutting metal.


Gone are the days of replacing a blade every few cuts due to bluntness or chipping.

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Diablo has brought all its top-of-the-line innovations to develop a metal excellence – the Thick Metal AMPED Recip Blades.

Image: Prime Creative Media

Our builder mate Toby Spicer from Pillar Constructions needed to do some metal trimmings on his site at Beaumaris in Melbourne’s south-east. We swung by with the blades, and he was amazed by the results.

Test #1: sharp as

Toby and his team got to work cutting through all kinds of steel on their site. Steel rods, trims and tubing between 5-15mm – the Amped Carbide blades cut through them like butter.

“We tested these on everything made of steel around here, and I’m thoroughly impressed,” Toby said.

Diablo has designed blades that cut down on vibration, increase impact resistance and the tip-to-blade ratio has been perfected which results in extremely straight cuts.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“As I’m primarily a carpenter, I’d use these for all my steel cutting jobs,” Toby said.

“The biggest thing for me is cutting through batten screws. When you’ve got a stripped baton screw that won’t come out, you’ve gotta cut ‘em.

“I genuinely couldn’t believe how easy it was to cut through batten screws with these blades. It’s usually a tough piece of metal to cut through, and the blade ate it.”

Test #2: Durable cutting

Toby wasn’t just left speechless by the Amped Carbide blade’s cutting power, but its durability too.

Diablo’s high performance carbide delivers up to 100x longer cutting life in metal applications ranging thickness from 5mm to 15mm, compared to standard bi-metal blades.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“These stand out to me not just because of their cuts, but just how well it holds up against metal,” Toby said.

“Most metal blades – even if you treat them well – you won’t get more than five or 10 cuts. With these ones, we cut about 20 times and it’s still going strong.”

The durability of these blades is further aided by their Black I.C.E coating. This specially-made formula reduces heat resistance, smoothens chip evacuation and ultimately leads to a longer life for the blade.

Image: Prime Creative Media

Fine toothed

Toby said it was “ridiculous” how easily the blades chewed through every bit of steel we threw at them. Diablo has injected all the latest innovations into these pieces, and it shows through the quality cuts they produce.

Check it out

You can find these blades both online here or in-store at Total Tools or Bunnings.

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