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Tradie Tough Test: Bosch’s BITURBO Brushless Lawnmower

BITURBO Brushless power is known tradie-wide for delivering great performance with power tools. Now tradies can expect that same power when cutting grass with Bosch’s BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower.

When called upon, tradies want a mower that’ll get the job done quickly and cleanly.


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Bosch delivers this in the compact – yet elite – form of its BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower. We met up with tradie Nebal Abilmona for this Tough Test while he was doing work on a site in south-east Melbourne.

Image: Prime Creative Media

Test #1: power runner

This mower uses two of Bosch’s ProCORE18V batteries, adding another tool from your arsenal that uses Bosch 18V batteries.

Nebal loved being able to use his ProCORE18V batteries from his tools to power this lawnmower.

Once he had it set up, Nebal was off and running. He used the mower on about 50m2 of open lawn, however Bosch has tested this  beast with 2 x 12.0ah batteries on 1000m2 of dry lawn on one battery cycle without issue.

“We’ve been playing with the mower – as well as mowing this 50m2 space – and we’re still on
3/5 bars of battery life,” Nebal said.

Image: Prime Creative Media

The cutting blade is 46cm in diameter, and housed in a durable metal deck. All up, the power and overall design of this mower results in a quick job every time.

“This was awesome to use on the lawn,” Nebal said.

“Battery-powered lawnmowers can draw in the sceptics, but I found that it glided through this grass.

“When you hit a thicker patch of grass with a petrol mower, it’ll die down before picking back up again.

“But I put this Bosch mower through thicker grass, and it didn’t cut out at all. It dropped in revs, but picked back up again.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Test #2: Easy rider

A lack of noise is a severely underrated benefit of an electric mower. The BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower keeps things relatively chill, topping at 94 dBA.

“At its full revs, I can speak at normal volume, and you can hear me just fine,” he said.

“It’s really not that loud.”

As well as being good on the ears, the ergonomics on this mower are impressive. Its wheels have ball bearings making it easy to roll about, and a two-level adjustable handle.

“This was very easy to unpack and get out with a collapsible handle,” Nebal said.

“No matter whether you’re short or all, having the two-height setting is handy and easy.”

Image: Prime Creative Media

Green machine

Nebal made quick work of the thick lawn thanks to
the BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower. It proved battery-powered mowers can tackle large spaces of lawn quickly, effortlessly and comfortably for tradies.

Check it out

Find out more by searching the new Bosch BITURBO Brushless 460mm Lawnmower online.

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