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Tradie Tough Test: Blundstone’s RotoFlex #8001

Blundstone boots women

Safety, simplicity and comfort are all major factors when tradies pick their boots. Blundstone brings all those and more with the latest in its RotoFlex range – the #8001 boots.

This beastly looking black boot from Blundstone packs all the features RotoFlex is known for, with a sleek and simple elastic pull-on sides.


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For this test, we enlisted the help of carpenter Mel Reinshagen of TCM Building. She was working on a site in Melbourne’s north-west during a wetter than normal summer, which meant the boots were tested by both the heat and rain.

Image: Prime Creative Media

Test #1: GET A GRIP

Safety is a vital thing for tradies to keep in mind when selecting boots, and the #8001s are teeming with features here. They sport a GripTek® Heavy-Duty sole which ensures tradies such as Mel have a reduced risk of tripping, falling or slipping.

“I’m so clumsy, so it’s good to have something that’ll keep my feet and toes protected no matter what,” she added.

Image: Prime Creative Media

GripTek® also provides the #8001s with heat resistance up to 140°C as well as high-abrasion resistance. If you work with wires, you can wear these knowing your feet are also electrical hazard protected as well thanks to the GripTek® tech.

A steel cap on the toe of the boot with Blundstone’s Fortashield protection was the icing on the cake of the #8001s. It gave Mel extra assurance her tootsies were covered in case of any mishaps.

Test #2: BUILT FOR comfort

The classic Blundstone side elastic makes putting the #8001 boots on a breeze.

“They’re tight but not too tight, they hold together well … you still have the elastic which is a bonus, I’m not a big fan of shoe laces,” Mel said.

“These are really easy to get on and off with little trouble.”

To make these boots as comfy as they are safe, Blundstone has employed its SoftCell® and AirCell features. AirCell is a specially designed footbed which increases airflow and breathability throughout the boot.

Image: Prime Creative Media

The unique biomechanical foot-cradling design of SoftCell® means the #8001s are also designed to keep your soles comfy while maximising balance and manoeuvrability. An understated feature for the #8001s is they have a wide fit.

“They’re a perfect fit for my foot,” Mel said.

“I’ve got a really wide foot so it’s actually nice to have a boot that’s quite roomy.”

Boots made for walkin’

For tradies working all day on the site, it’s hard to beat Blundstone’s #8001s. Mel was hard pressed to find any boots more suitable for her work on the site than these.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“I’m fairly new to the industry, and I’ve tried a bunch of different boots,” she said.

“The first pair I had didn’t last long because my feet were cooked by the end of the first day.

“The ones I have at the moment are pretty good, but these #8001s from Blundstone have been even better.

“They’re comfortable, they’re durable, I’ve got no complaints.”

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