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Tradie Tough Test: Cement Australia’s Rapid Set Concrete

Cement rapid set

Time is a precious commodity all tradies want to be rich in. Cement Australia has their backs here with the Rapid Set Concrete mix.


A full day’s work can be stacked with tasks for a tradie. Sometimes, however, a lot of that time can be consumed by waiting for things to set, such as concrete.

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The unique formulation used by Cement Australia in its Rapid Set Concrete is designed to harden in minutes  without the need to mix.

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Carpenter Nebal Abilmona of Sealand Building needed a suitable cement for placing posts at a site in Melbourne’s east. We ventured along with some Rapid Set Concrete, and he was blow away with the results.

Test #1: a good pour

Nebal had a hole dug and 2.7m post in place ready for some cement. He had appropriate supports in place to ensure it didn’t move, and pre-wet the hole to limit water absorption.

Nebal then combined the cement with the appropriate amount of water, and away he went.

“Applying this cement was super easy,” he said. “I found this aggregate Cement Australia has used is a bit finer rather than larger.

“It mixed up really nicely, it was creamy and easy to use. Cement Australia recommends 2L per 20kg bag, and you can add 0.3-0.5L to get the consistency you want.”

“I imagine this would be great for doing fences, letterboxes, clothes lines, small retaining walls or uprights that aren’t structural.”

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If you need help measuring out your mixtures, Cement Australia also has handy calculators for each of its products to save you doing the maths (see page 30).

The specialised aggregates, cement and sand Cement Australia uses in the Rapid Set allows for an amazing hardening time of just 15 minutes.


Nabal was able to remove the supports after about an hour, and by then the cement had well and truly set.

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Knowing how quickly the setting process was, he was able to go about other tasks on the site knowing the Rapid Set was all good by itself after 15 minutes.

“The two bags held up the post super well,” Nebal said. “Having it set in 15 minutes was awesome and is a huge timesaver for me.”

As Nebal mentioned, the Rapid Set has a tonne of applications, but it is not designed to be used on structural projects.

Check out Cement Australia’s PROSTRENGTH range for those projects demanding higher strength.


Cement Australia’s Rapid Set Cement made the job as easy as can be for Nebal.

The Aussie-made formula ensures it hardens fast and is pretty much solid after an hour, shaving off time for tradies who have their hands full.

It absolutely gets our tick of approval for all your non-structural cement jobs.

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Check it out

Cement Australia has all the resources you need to get the right product and mixture for your job. Check out here for more information.

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