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A simple way for tradies to boost business

Like anything, modernising and streamlining a business is easier said than done.

When tradies look to software to upgrade their operations, the last thing they need is to be thrown in the deep end with no help. It’d be like upgrading to a new tool only to find it’s more complex and confusing than old faithful.

The team at Fergus know how irritating it can be for tradies to implement new business software, so they’ve made it simple.

The ins and outs

Fergus not only simplifies payments but also streamlines invoicing and quoting processes, reducing paperwork burdens. It facilitates quick invoice generation and delivery, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple platforms.

Navigating through Fergus is effortless, thanks to its user-friendly dashboard, ensuring easy tracking of jobs and payments.

All of this is at tradies’ fingertips thanks to the Fergus App – the modern way to do business.

“Before we were using Fergus, we were doing things manually, which was quite hard,” according to Baltic Electric.

“We’re a small business, so it just makes life a lot easier using software because we can delegate roles, give jobs out, and communicate with our customers.”

The app sports some of the following features, all aimed at working for tradies rather than against them:

  • Simple syncing: Data seamlessly transfers between Fergus and Xero, eliminating redundant tasks and offering a comprehensive view of the business’s financial status.
  • Comprehensive job management: Tradies can oversee all aspects of a job, from initial quoting to scheduling, invoicing, and reporting, streamlining processes and saving time on administrative tasks.
  • Swift reconciliations: Users can monitor job progress and payment status with supplier invoices sent directly from Fergus to Xero, simplifying and accelerating the reconciliation process.
  • Efficient end-of-year reporting: Information flows instantly from Fergus to Xero, providing real-time data for speedy end-of-year reporting.

“In general, it’s the time Fergus saves to do things,” said Cosy Homes Services.

“It does things in a lot quicker way than I would normally, so the value is the fact that I’m not losing time like before.”

Class in session

But the support doesn’t stop there. Fergus has your back with free lifetime training and support modules aimed at making you a business pro on and off the tools.

No matter your trade, be it plumbing, carpentry, electrical – Fergus has the simple and accessible modules to help your business.

From pivoting your operation to open new revenue streams, simple marketing tips all the way to predicting your future cashflow and recession-proofing your business – Fergus’ Tradehub has you sorted.

If you have a bit more time up your sleeve, Fergus also has regular webinars hosted by fellow Aussie tradies who share how they took their business to another level.

A new financial year gives tradies a chance to revaluate their business and finances, so why not make both simple and beneficial?

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