National Safe Work Month – A Moment Is All It Takes

The theme for this October’s National Safe Work Month is “A moment is all it takes.”

October is a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.

October is a time when we celebrate that Australia is one of the safest places in the world to work, but also a time when we all commit to building even safer workplaces. This year, commit to taking a safety moment every day in your workplace. This could be as simple as spending five minutes every morning talking with your team about the hazards and risks in your workplace, and how to prevent harm.



Ideas for your National Safe Work Month activities

At The TRADIE, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to help you improve the health and safety of your teams. This October, in recognition of National Safe Work month, we encourage you to run the following activities:

  • Decorate your workplace – The Safe Work Australia campaign kit contains posters, flyers and even bunting that you can use to promote National Safe Work Month around your workplace.
  • Share knowledge at your next team meeting – The Safe Work Australia website has a range of infographics, videos, case studies, research and information about working safety in Australia. Share information relevant to your workplace or industry at your next team meeting. We’ve also compiled a list of WHS basics that you may find handy.
  • Call in the experts – Organise speakers from your local WHS regular, or an association or professional body relevant to your industry, to present on how to build a safer and healthier workplace. Organise a presentation or practical workshop by the workplace health and safety officer on safe working methods and procedures for your workplace.



This October, and throughout the year, let’s all work together to keep each other safe and healthy at work.

Visit the National Safe Work Month website, access the resource kit, and run a safety initiative in your workplace. Share your safety initiative on the safety month website or on social – use the hashtag #mysafetymoment or #safeworkmonth.