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Are you paying too much for your Public Liability Insurance?

Apparently, most of us are, according to Peta Warby, Managing Director of Tradie.Insure.

“Many Tradies simply don’t have the time to review and research their insurance and just roll it over every year. We are a trusting nation and hope the big insurers are looking after us. Let’s be honest, insurance isn’t the most stimulating part of our day, but it can be incredibly expensive if you don’t have the right cover when you need it.”

Why Tradie.Insure

In a nutshell…. Epic Prices, Simple, Flexible – Get REAL instant quotes and even buy online straight away! Check out our new website at

“We understand your spare time is precious and you don’t want to spend it trying to figure out which insurer is going to give you the best bang for your buck, that’s what we are there for. So give us a bell even if it is after 5pm,”

Peta said.

It’s so simple, no matter where you are in Australia, or which industry you’re in, we can have you covered in a matter of minutes and you choose whether you pay it weekly, fortnightly, monthly or upfront.
No big call centres, just a network of local experts you can count on.

Simply give us a call on 0403TRADIE. It can’t get much easier than that.

Be Like Ben – Why You Need Personal Accident Cover!

Ben, one of our Tradie.Insure clients called us in distress after he had hurt himself on the weekend as he’d totally smashed his ankle. He was absolutely peaking as the doctor had just given him the news that he was going to sport a moon boot for the better part of the next five months.

He felt absolutely bewildered and he was freaking out about losing the main contract that he’d just won after spending the last four months tendering for. He knew he wouldn’t be able to survive financially and he thought he was going to have to hand back the keys to the new Hilux, cancel all of his insurance and declare bankruptcy.

This is a cold hard reality that many of our Aussie Tradies face daily because they haven’t protected themselves.

After explaining his debacle to one of our friendly team at Tradie.Insure he was delighted to hear that he had in fact taken out Personal Accident cover at the same time he took out his Public Liability and Tools cover six months ago. He’d totally forgotten about this amongst all the worry and stress.

Not only did we help him get his claim processed quickly but we were able to work out a solution which enabled him not to lose his contract, keep his pride and joy and, more importantly, keep himself and his business afloat and fully insured.

Going out on your own is not an easy thing, but for as little as an extra $15 per week you can have Personal Accident Cover to supplement your income should this happen to you!!

Tradie.Insure doesn’t just sell insurance, we help you protect your business, assets and livelihood. So don’t lose your hair or business,
chat to Tradie.Insure about your needs.

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