Whether you’re in plumbing, mechanical, construction or electrical, cutting copper piping can be a day-to-day to-do for a Tradie. If you’re sick of your tool belt being loaded up with multiple snips for the job, check out this C-style close quarters copper tubing cutter.

This you-beaut C34-AU C-cutter is an addition to the range of RIDGID tube cutters and the team from Ridge Australia sent us one to try out.

So, what’s it all about?
One cutter cuts 2 sizes, ½” and ¾” copper tube with a quick flick of a switch. Our Tradie Michael gave us his thoughts…

Tradie:Michael from State Plumbing Services
Job: Completing a rough-in

Did it save you time?
It did save me time. It was useful because I could switch to the pipe size by flicking a switch mechanism which made the tool user-friendly.

Was it more convenient than hauling around multiple snips?
Yeah, I’d say it was. I usually use two sizes of pipe cutters, one for working with small radiuses and a larger one. No fiddling around changing tools made the job easier and gave me more room in my toolbox.

How did you find the cuts?
Spot on. You set the size, apply the tool to the tubing, turn the tool to cut and the end result was just as good as any other cut.

Would you say it was sturdy?
It’s definitely durable, you can feel that when you pick it up. I reckon it’d hold up in my toolbox as well as the others. Plus, it’s small and without handles so it can be used in confined areas.

Would you buy it?

I’d heard of these two-in-one things before but thought it was a bit of a gimmick so just stuck to what I knew, but after giving it a crack it would be a handy addition to my tool bags.
After giving it a go I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the trade. It really streamlined the process with the simple flick of a switch and it did the job right the first time – it doesn’t get much
better than that!

• Snap-on feature for a quick pipe connection and no size adjustment
• Spring-loaded cutter wheel provides a constant pressure on pipe providing fast and straight cuts
• RIDGID’s specialised wheel pin for quick wheel replacement
• Heavy-duty construction enclosed in a zinc die cast housing
• Unique screwdriver slots in the housing to provide extra leverage for making the cut in extreme tight spaces